Travel & Tourism

Travel and tourism industry has now become the largest civilian industry in the world, according to statistics one out of every ten person worldwide is part of the travel and tourism industry. travel and tourism industry are divided into five major parts as shown below . Lodging operations stands apart from other travel and tourism business as they offer overnight stay for the guests.

Lodging Operations:

Under lodging operations comes hotels, motels, resorts, timeshare hotels, condominiums, conference centres, B&B, casinos etc. Lodging operations is the largest sector under travel and tourism industry.

Transportation Services:

Ships, airplanes, autos, buses, railways, metros, bikes, limousines all come under the transportation services in the travel and tourism industry.

Food and Beverage Operations:

Restaurant, lodging, properties, retail stores, vending machines, catering, snack bars, cruise ships, bars, banquets, outdoor catering all come under the food and beverage operations sector.

Retail Stores:

Gift shops, souvenir shops, handicraft shops, art shops, markets etc.


Recreation, Businesses, entertainment, amusement parks, study trips, sporting events, ethnic festivals etc.

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