Home Improvement Services

Home improvement/remodeling is the process of renovating or marking alterations/additions to your home. Alteration to the existing structure of your home e.g. your kitchen, bedrooms, living room and improvements to your lawn, garden, and outdoor structures, such as gazebos and garages are all part of home improvement/remodeling. Home improvement also encompasses repair and general servicing tasks.

Home improvement projects are usually undertaken keeping one or more of the following in mind:

1. Repair/Maintenance

This includes painting, repainting, plumbing services, handyman services, major/minor repair to the interior/exterior structure of the premises, masonry work, and repair of electrical systems etc.

2. Energy Saving

These projects are usually undertaken to reduce utility costs by installing energy efficient systems such as solar panels, energy efficient doors/windows, geothermal heating devices etc.

3. Comfort Enhancement

This includes installation/upgradation of HVAC, soundproofing, remodeling of baths/kitchen with the latest in luxuries such as spas/cooking ranges etc.

4. Safety

This includes installation of burglar alarm systems, fire alarms/sprinkler systems, installation of security cameras, doors, gates, windows etc. and power backup during power outage times.

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