Deregulated Energy Marketing

The primary reason you can shop for an energy provider is Energy Deregulation. It gives consumers a choice to choose their own electricity or natural gas supplier which eventually affects how much they pay for said utilities. Deregulation also drives energy suppliers to distinguish their products and present comparable rates and pricing to be cutthroat in the marketplace resulting in the benefit of the consumer.

The ability to choose your energy supplier enables you to evaluate natural gas and electricity rates, making you more in charge over your energy costs. You do not have to be concerned about service interruptions when you change energy providers because your local utility will handle the details. Your utility provider is still accountable for distributing energy supplies to your home, regardless of the supplier that you choose. The sole variation being that the supply price is not laid down by your utility provider. Depending where you live, you may receive billing information from your supplier, or from your own utility provider with a revelation of your supplier's name.

At PowerYourChoice you choose on your own terms, no hassles and no pressure. The plans you see at are identical to those offered to you when you contact the providers directly. We do not markup the rate, we charge no fees, we do not promote or bias our offerings, and it doesn’t matter to us who you sign up with so long as you find our services useful enough to choose the best electric plan for you. Energy companies pay us a service fee for referring customers, and because we are advocates for the consumer, we’ll always keep our services free for the user.

PowerYourChoice is not an individual sales agent. We are not an electric provider, and we do not prefer one provider over another. Just like you have a choice in who provides your energy, you have an equal power to choose where you go to compare the best electric rates amongst the hundreds of plans being offered. Our goal is to earn your trust – to consistently provide you with the best electric rate comparison tool available.