CV / Resume Formatting

LEGAL TRANSCRIPTION A concise, structured and well arranged agency CV/Resume will create the best possible first impression to a hiring manager and positively impact your candidate’s chances of success.

Since there is no common standard of making CVs/Resumes, professionals all across the globe build it as best suited to their needs. Following your instructions, we at ASP will quickly turnaround the processing of a document so that the same can be presented back to your client – a superior quality CV/Resume in a format they are familiar with.

We charge on a per CV/Resume basis and do not ask the client to sign a lock-in agreement or require a notice period for not using our services. We provide you with the flexibility to use us as temps during your staff vacations or high volume days.


Pricing is directly proportional to the volume and project duration. Please do feel free to contact us for a free trial, quote and further details.


We know exactly how to format a CV/Resume to an industry standard

We save you time and effort by working on your standardized template to format a candidate’s CV/Resume

We follow stringent quality control checks to ensure error-free CV/Resume processing and formatting services

We are committed to a faster turnaround for your documents and files

We also offer you a lot of flexibility when it comes to billing and payment

We work in a secure environment, thus ensuring safety of your data and vital information