Call Center Services

Call Center Services A call center is a service facility, usually consisting of large teams of call center agents, that is set up for receiving or transmitting a large volume of telephone requests. There are two types of call centers, Inbound and Outbound. The function of an Inbound call center is to predominantly handle inbound calls for example calls relating to product support or information enquiries from consumers. The functions of an Outbound call center include telemarketing, market research, debt collection etc.

As call centres are flexible in size and basic set up, their services can be utilized by companies of almost all sectors. They are a valuable resource to companies as they provide a platform where companies have an opportunity to enhance their image, create a strong customer base and resolve any customer complaints/problems.

An affordable and attractive way to ensure delivery of the highest quality of customer services is to collaborate with a call center service outsourcing provider. We at ASP Solu-Tech specialize in assembling and managing dedicated teams of highly skilled professionals to provide industry leading b2b call and b2c call center services. The services offered by us include customer service, sales lead qualification and closure, direct sales, lead generation, cold calling campaigns, consumer response, help desk and technical support, cross selling and upselling, payment collection services, inbound sales, sales lead follow ups, product promotion, lead management, to name but a few.

Our 24x7 services, call recording facilities, real time reporting and ability to serve in India, UK, USA, Canada and Australia, we offer our clients the convenience and security of working with a multinational partner that provides them excellent business growth opportunities and quality services, at the same time minimizing their cost of operations. Our delivery centers are located in USA and India.


Pricing is directly proportional to the volume and project duration. Please do feel free to contact us for a free trial, quote and further details.