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ASP SOLU-TECH offers a comprehensive suite of solutions in the field of Real Estate, Business Funding, Medical Billing, Green Energy, and Technical Recruitment. We are well established as a credible business partner, preferred investment destination, rapidly growing market provider of quality services and stand on the threshold of years of unprecedented growth.

ezEstateDeals Our easy approach to home selling has helped hundreds of people in the United States. Our objective is to make this as SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE for you so that you can move on with your life, and quit worrying about your house. It is our goal to ensure the process of selling your home is a smooth and easy one for you. We strive to achieve a win-win-win situation in all our lease option purchases.

Funding Paradise ASP SOLU-TECH setup the Funding Paradise to understand all the different options for obtaining financing in a rapidly changing world and to help our clients actually get funded. Our program has proven to be a better and cheaper alternative for real estate companies compared to hard money options. Our product line was born out of the frustration all entrepreneurs and businesses experience when getting started or expanding without access to the right financing options.

Greeny Energy In this era of Green Energy many companies are entering into the field of Green Energy products and solutions. In this crowded and every fluctuating renewable energy market businesses realize that their ability to get well established marketing partner that tells their story, helps them reach out to potential clients and at the same time sets them apart from the competition is a key factor of success.

Since our inception in 2012 we have had exponential growth in our all encompassing customer acquisition and sales outsourcing service that strengthens and nurtures business/customer relationships and helps in promoting revenue generation. ASP Solu-Tech over the years has been highly successful in providing support to Green Energy companies to become more profitable.

Medical Billing Our goal is solely to ensure that our clients increase their revenues, productivity, and financial health through our solutions while exponentially growing their practice. Medical billing is an extremely laborious, infrastructure heavy, and a time consuming process which keeps your infrastructure and other resources tried up in order to try and keep your medical billing processes up to date. When we take over your medical billing processes we leave you with time to focus on the successful running of your practice.

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